Lotte Jeju Dream Tower, 18.5 billion won in casino revenue in 1Q

Lotte Tourism Development The Dream Tower Casino in Jeju Dream Tower Complex Resort is becoming a stronghold of the traditional stronghold Paradise and GKL (Grand Korea Leisure).

Since its opening in June last year, it has been turning point as the biggest beneficiary of Endemic (infectious disease that has become hardened by endemic disease).

According to industry sources, Dream Tower casino sales in the first quarter increased by 28.5% from the fourth quarter of last year to W18.5bn.

Game sales are gradually upside down. △ January 3.7 billion won, February 4.7 billion won, and March 10.1 billion won.

In particular, table sales for VIPs increased significantly. In the first quarter, table sales for VIPs reached W14.4bn and table sales for the general public reached W4.1bn.

The reason for the big increase in sales of Dream Tower casinos is

This is because international flights and overseas travelers have increased. As the room utilization rate of Dream Tower Complex Resort increases,

It is an analysis that it has had a positive impact on casino sales.

The industry is keen to see if Dream Tower Casinos can threaten the castle of existing casino companies such as Paradise and GKL.